Quick Links to Pastoral Areas:

South Monaghan Pastoral Area

Parishes of Carrickmacross, Magheracloone, Donaghmoyne, Inniskeen, Killanny

Mid-Monaghan Pastoral Area

Parishes of Castleblayney, Aughnamullen East, Clontibret, Ballybay, Latton, Rockcorry

North Monaghan Pastoral Area

Parishes of Monaghan & Rackwallace, Threemilehouse/Corcaghan, Tyholland, Donagh, Errigal Truagh, Tydavnet

Monaghan-Fermanagh Pastoral Area

Parishes of Lisnaskea/Maguiresbridge, Newtownbutler/Donagh, Roslea, Clones, Killeevan/Currin/Aghabog

Enniskillen-West Fermanagh Pastoral Area

Parishes of Enniskillen, Tempo, Derrygonnelly, Cleenish/Arney

North Fermanagh-Donegal Pastoral Area

Parishes of Bundoran, Belleek-Garrison, Pettigo, Ederney & Irvinestown

Tyrone Pastoral Area

Parishes of Dromore, Trillick, Fintona, Aghavea-Aughintaine, Clogher, Eskra

South Monaghan Pastoral Area

Broomfield View Webcam

Carrickmacross View Webcam

Corduff View Webcam

Donaghmoyne View Webcam

Inniskeen View Webcam

Killanny View Webcam

Lisddoonan View Webcam

Magheracloone (St Patrick’s) View Webcam

Magheracloone (Ss Peter & Paul) View Webcam

Raferagh View Webcam

Holy Thursday

7pm                 Killanny

7pm                 Magheracloone (St Patrick’s)

7.30pm             Donaghmoyne

7.30pm             Carrickmacross

7.30pm             Corduff

8pm                 Inniskeen

Good Friday

12 Noon           Killanny (Stations of the Cross)

3pm                 Carrickmacross

3pm                 Inniskeen

3pm                 Killanny

3pm                 Lisdoonan

3pm                 Corduff

3pm                 Magheracloone (St Patrick’s)

7.30pm             Broomfield

7.30pm             Carrickmacross (Stations of the Cross)

8pm                 Magheracloone (Ss Peter and Paul’s)

8pm                 Inniskeen (Stations of the Cross)

Holy Saturday

7pm                 Raferagh

7pm                 Killanny

7.30pm             Lisddonan

8pm                 Inniskeen

8pm                 Magheracloone (Ss Peter and Paul’s)

9pm                 Carrickmacross

Easter Sunday

9.30am             Carrickmacross

10am                Donaghmoyne

10am                Inniskeen

10am                Magheracloone (St Patrick’s)

11am                Corduff

11.30am           Killanny

11.30am           Magheracloone (Ss Peter and Paul’s)

11.30am           Broomfield

12 Noon           Carrickmacross

Mid-Monaghan Pastoral Area

Annyalla View Webcam

Ballintra View Webcam

Ballybay View Webcam

Bawn View Webcam

Carrickatee View Webcam

Castleblayney View Webcam

Clontibret View Webcam

Doohamlet View Webcam

Latton View Webcam

Lough Egish View Webcam

Rockcorry Facebook Live

Tullycorbet View Webcam

Holy Thursday

6pm                 Ballintra

7.30pm             Annyalla

7.30pm             Castleblayney

8pm                 Tullycorbet

8pm                 Latton

8pm                 Lough Egish

8pm                 Rockcorry

Good Friday

3pm                 Ballybay

3pm                 Bawn

3pm                 Carrickatee

3pm                 Castleblayney

3pm                 Doohamlet

3pm                 Rockcorry

Holy Saturday

7.30pm             Clontibret

8pm                 Ballybay

8pm                 Latton

8pm                 Rockcorry

9pm                 Lough Egish

Easter Sunday

9am                 Carrickatee

9.30am             Tullycorbet

10am                Bawn

10am                Castleblayney

10am                Doohamlet

11am                Ballintra

11am                Rockcorry

11.30am           Annyalla

11.30am           Lough Egish

North Monaghan Pastoral Area

St Macartan’s Cathedral View Webcam

Carrickaroe View Webcam

Corcaghan View Webcam

Corracrin View Webcam

Errigal Truagh Parish View Webcam

Glennan View Webcam

Knockatallon Facebook Live

Monaghan (St Joseph’s) View Webcam

Threemilehouse View Webcam

Tydavnet Facebook Live

Tyholland View Webcam

Urbleshanny Facebook Live

Holy Thursday

6.30pm             Tydavnet

7pm                 St Macartan’s Cathedral

7.30pm             Errigal Truagh parish

8pm                 Glennan

Good Friday

3pm                 St Macartan’s Cathedral

3pm                 Knockatallon

3pm                 Glennan

3pm                 Errigal Truagh parish

7pm                 Errigal Truagh parish (Stations of the Cross)

Holy Saturday

6.30pm             Urbleshanny

7pm                 St Macartan’s Cathedral

8pm                 Carrickroe

8pm                 Corracrin

Easter Sunday

10am                Corcaghan

10am                Threemilehouse

11am                Errigal Truagh parish

11am                Corracrin

11.30am           Monaghan (St Joseph’s)

11.30am           Urbleshanny

Monaghan-Fermanagh Pastoral Area

Aghabog View Webcam

Aghadrumsee View Webcam

Clones View Webcam

Donagh (St Patrick’s)

Killeevan View Webcam

Lisnaskea View Webcam

Maguiresbridge View Webcam

Newtownbutler View Webcam

Roslea View Webcam

Scotshouse View Webcam

Holy Thursday

6pm                 Lisnaskea

6.30am             Aghabog

7pm                 Newtownbutler

7pm                 Scotshouse

7.30pm             Aghadrumsee  

7.30pm             Roslea

8pm                 Killeevan

Good Friday

3pm                 Killeevan

3pm                 Newtownbutler

3pm                 Scotshouse

3pm                 Roslea

3pm                 Lisnaskea

4pm                 Aghadrumsee

7.30pm             Roslea (Stations of the Cross)

8pm                 Aghabog

Holy Saturday

6pm                 Lisnaskea

7pm                 Aghabog

8pm                 Newtownbutler

9pm                 Aghadrumsee

9pm                 Roslea

9pm                 Killeevan

9pm                 Scotshouse

Easter Sunday

9am                 Maguiresbridge

9am                 Aghadrumsee

9.30am             Donagh (Galloon)

9.30am             Aghabog

10.30am           Roslea

10.30am           Aghadrumsee

10.30am           Scotshouse

11am                Lisnaskea

11.30am           Newtownbutler

11.30am           Killeevan

12 Noon           Aghadrumsee

Enniskillen-West Fermanagh Pastoral Area

Arney Facebook Live

Cradian (St Joseph’s)

Derrygonnelly View Webcam

Enniskillen View Webcam

Holywell (Belcoo) View Webcam

Lisbellaw (St Mary’s)

Monea (Immaculate Conception) – Radio system available

Mullaghdun Facebook Live

Tempo View Webcam

The Graan View Webcam

Holy Thursday

7pm                 Derrygonnelly

7pm                 The Graan

7pm                 Tempo

8pm                 Enniskillen

8pm                 Mullaghdun

8pm                 Cradian

11pm                Enniskillen (Night Prayer)

Good Friday

10am                Enniskillen (Morning Prayer)

12 Noon           Enniskillen (Stations of the Cross)

3pm                 Enniskillen

3pm                 Derrygonnelly

3pm                 The Graan

5pm                 Cradian (Lay-led Stations of the Cross)

7pm                 Tempo

8pm                 Enniskillen

8pm                 Holywell

10pm               Enniskillen (Night Prayer)

Holy Saturday

10am                Enniskillen (Morning Prayer)

7pm                 Derrygonnelly

8pm                 The Graan

8pm                 Tempo

9pm                 Enniskillen

9pm                 Arney

Easter Sunday

9.30am             Lisbellaw

9.30am             Cradian

10am                Monea

10.30am           Enniskillen

10.30am           The Graan

11am                Holywell

11am                Tempo

11.30am           Derrygonnelly

12 Noon           Enniskillen

12 Noon           The Graan

4pm                 The Graan

North Fermanagh-Donegal Pastoral Area


Bundoran View Webcam

Ederney View Webcam


Irvinestown View Webcam

Montiagh YouTube Live

Pettigo View Webcam

Holy Thursday

7pm                 Irvinestown

7pm                 Bundoran

7pm                 Belleek

7pm                 Garrison

7.30pm             Ederney

7.30pm             Pettigo

Good Friday

3pm                 Irvinestown

3pm                 Ederney

3pm                 Bundoran

3pm                 Belleek

3pm                 Pettigo

7pm                 Garrison (Stations of the Cross)

7.30pm             Montiagh (Stations of the Cross)

Holy Saturday

7pm                 Irvinestown

9pm                 Pettigo

9pm                 Ederney

9pm                 Belleek

Easter Sunday

9.30am             Pettigo

10am                Belleek

11am                Irvinestown

11am                Bundoran

11.30am           Garrison  

Tyrone Pastoral Area

Brookeborough Facebook Live

Coa (St Mary’s)

Coonian Facebook Live

Clogher Facebook Live

Dromore View Webcam

Eskra Facebook Live

Fintona YouTube Live

Fivemiletown Facebook Live

Trillick View Webcam

Holy Thursday

5pm                 Clogher

7pm                 Eskra

7pm                 Brookeborough

7pm                 Coa

7.30pm             Dromore

7.30pm             Fintona

8pm                 Trillick

Good Friday

11am                Clogher (Stations of the Cross)

3pm                 Clogher

3pm                 Brookeborough

3pm                 Dromore

3pm                 Fintona

7pm                 Eskra

7pm                 Fivemiletown

7pm                 Dromore (Stations of the Cross)

8pm                 Trillick

Holy Saturday

7pm                 Brookeborough

7pm                 Clogher

7pm                 Dromore

8pm                 Trillick

9pm                 Fintona

Easter Sunday

8.30am             Clogher

9am                 Dromore

9.30am             Eskra

9.30am             Coa

10am                Coonian

11am                Trillick

11am                Dromore

11.15am           Clogher

11.30am           Fivemiletown

11.30am           Fintona