The second review of Child Safeguarding Practice in the Diocese of Clogher, undertaken by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland (National Board) was recently concluded and published. The report following this review has now been published and is available by clicking on the following image:

The review fieldwork was undertaken in early November 2022 and focussed on safeguarding arrangements and practices through a series of examinations, tests and observations as well as interviews with the Bishop, Church personnel, volunteers, parents and young people across the diocese as well as some complainants and respondents.

Safeguarding policies and practices were reviewed against the seven (7) established standards established by the National Board. The seven standards are:

  1. Creating and Maintaining Safe Environments
  2. Procedures for Responding to Child Protection Suspicions, Concerns, Knowledge or Allegations
  3. Care and Support for the Complainant
  4. Care and Management of the Respondent
  5. Training and Support for Keeping Children Safe
  6. Communicating the Church’s Safeguarding Message
  7. Quality-Assuring Compliance with the Standards

The review also includes an assessment of the measures taken to implement the seven (7) recommendations made in the first review in November 2012, finding that all of these have been dealt with satisfactorily.

The report following this current review made no recommendations regarding current practices or the handling of cases since the last review. The report has shown that there is robust governance and management of safeguarding structures and practices in the diocese.  It concludes that ‘Bishop Duffy and his safeguarding personnel, Safeguarding Committee, and all those involved in safeguarding at parish level and in youth ministry have developed consistent and quality safeguarding practices across all seven (7) standards.’ The reviewers also commend the ‘positive inclusion of children and young people in diocesan and parish life’.

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