THE EASTER TRIDUUM – Times of Holy Week Liturgies (Updated)

Stained-glass window depicting aspects of the Easter Triduum, in Donagh Oratory, Emyvale, Co Monaghan. Courtesy of the Parish of Donagh.

DURING THIS GREAT WEEK we celebrate the mysteries of our salvation accomplished by Christ during the final days of his life on earth. During Lent, we have prepared for this great celebration, culminating in the Easter Triduum. The Easter Triduum (a three-day marking of the Paschal mystery) begins with Mass on the evening of Holy Thursday and ends on the evening of Easter Sunday.

Below, are the times of the liturgies to be celebrated during the period of the Easter Triduum across the various parishes of our diocese. Information in respect of the remaining parishes will be added as they come to hand.

It is always fitting that the Lenten season should conclude with an opportunity for us to avail of the great Sacrament of Reconciliation – the gift of God’s mercy and forgiveness. With this in mind, we have also included the times when Confessions will be available in some of the parishes.

A period for prayer and meditation, at the place of repose for the Blessed Sacrament, follows the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. This adoration may be accompanied by the reading from some part of the Gospel of St John, chapters 13-17. The period of adoration will vary according to local circumstances.

Some parishes celebrate and honour the Polish community tradition of blessing baskets of food on Holy Saturday. Details of these celebrations are given below.

Here are the details to hand:


Parish Church Holy Thursday Good Friday Holy Saturday Easter Sunday
    Mass of the Lord’s Supper Celebration of the Lord’s Passion  Easter Vigil  Mass of the Resurrection
Aughnamullen East Sacred Heart, Lough Egish 8pm 8pm 9pm 11am
  St Mary’s, Carrickatee   3pm   9am
Ballybay St Patrick’s, Ballybay 8pm 3pm & 8pm 9pm 12.15pm
  Our Lady of the Rosary, 6pm     9.30am
  Our Lady of Knock 6pm     11am
Brookeboro St Mary’s, Brookeboro 7pm 7pm 8pm 10.30am
  St Mary’s Fivemiletown 8pm 3pm   11.30am
  St Joseph’s, Coonian       10am
Castleblayney  St Mary’s, Castleblayney 8pm 12 Noon (Stations of Cross) 9pm 8.30am & 11.30am
 (Muckno)     3pm    
  St Patrick’s, Oram 6.30pm 7.30pm   10am
Clontibret St Mary’s, Clontibret 7.30pm 3pm 7.30pm 11am
  St Michael’s, Annyalla 7.30pm 7.30pm 8.30pm 11.30am
  All Saints’, Doohamlet 7.30pm 3pm 8pm 10am
Derrygonnelly  Derrygonnelly (Comm Ctr) 8pm 3pm 8pm 11.30am
  Sacred Heart, Boho   8pm   7am (Dawn Mass)
  Immaculate Conception       10am
Donagh St Mary’s, Glennan 8.15pm 8pm 8pm 10am
  St Patrick’s, Corracrin 7pm 3pm   11.30am
Donaghmoyne St Patrick’s, Broomfield 8pm 8pm   12 Noon
  St Lastra’s, Donaghmoyne 7.30pm 12 Noon (Stations of Cross)   10am
  St Mary’s, Lisdoonan 6.30pm 3pm 7.30pm 10am
Enniskillen St Michael’s Enniskillen 5pm & 8pm 11am (Stations of Cross) 9pm    8am, 10.30am, 12 Noon
      3pm & 8pm    
      9pm – Prayer at the Cross    
  St Mary’s, Lisbellaw 8pm 3pm   9.30am
Fintona St Lawrence’s, Fintona 8pm 3pm 9pm 8.30am & 11am
 (Donacavey)     7.30pm – Passion Play    





St Enda’s, Killanny  8pm  3pm  8pm  7am (Dawn Mass)


Kilmore & Drumsnatt St Mary’s, Threemilehouse 7.30pm 3pm 8.30pm 8.30am & 11am
  St Michael’s, Corcaghan 7pm 7pm 7pm 10am
Lisnaskea Holy Cross, Lisnaskea 5pm & 8pm 3pm  8pm 9am, 11am & 7pm
 (Aghalurcher)     8pm (Stations of Cross)    
  St Mary’s, Maguiresbridge 8pm 8pm 8pm 10am
Monaghan &  St Macartan’s Cathedral 7.30pm 3pm & 7.30pm  8pm 10.30am & 12.30pm
  St Joseph’s, Park Street 5.30pm     8.30am & 11.30am
  St Davnet’s   11am (Stations of Cross)   9.30am
  St Michael’s, Ardaghey       10am
Newtownbutler  St Mary’s, Newtownbutler 8pm 12 Noon (Stations of Cross) 8pm 11.30am
 (Galloon)      3pm    
  St Patrick’s, Donagh       10am
Roslea St Tierney’s, Roslea 7.30pm 3pm & 7.30pm 7.30pm 10am
  St Mary’s, Magheerarney 8pm 3pm 8pm 11.30am
Tydavnet St Joseph’s, Knockatallon 7pm 3pm   8.30am
  St Mary’s, Urbleshanny 9pm 8pm   11.30am
  St Dympna’s, Tydavnet   6pm 9pm 10am
Tyholland  St Patrick’s Tyholland 7pm 3pm 8pm 10am


Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions)    
Ballybay -St Patrick’s Sunday 9th April 8pm    
  Mon 10th April 7pm    
  Weds 12th April 12 Noon  
Castleblayney  Sunday 9th April 6pm    
Clontibret  Weds 12th April: Doohamlet 5.45pm, Clontibret 7pm; Annyalla 8pm
Donagh Sunday 9th April: Donagh Oratory, 6pm – 8pm  
  Holy Thursday: St Mary’s, Glennan 9.30pm – 11pm  
  Good Friday: St Patrick’s, Corracrin 4.15pm – 5pm  
Enniskillen Good Friday: 12 Noon – 1.30pm  
  (St Michael’s) Holy Saturday: 10.30am -1.30pm  
Lisnaskea Tuesday 11th April 7.30pm  
Monaghan &  Sunday 9th April: St Joseph’s at 7pm  
Rackwallace Holy Saturday: St Joseph’s 12 Noon – 1.30pm  
Roslea Sunday 9th April: St Tierney’s, Roslea, 3pm  
BLESSING OF BASKETS (Polish Community)    
St Michael’s church, Enniskillen Holy Saturday at 2pm    
St Patrick’s church, Broomfield Holy Saturday at 11am  
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