“When it comes to the care of our common home, we are living in a critical moment in history.” Pope Francis’ words to President Barak Obama in September 2015, after he praised the introduction of the Clean Power Plan.

CLOGHER JUSTICE, PEACE AND INTEGRITY OF CREATION GROUP( CJPIC) group was formed in 2014 at the request of Bishop Liam MacDaid to create awareness about Justice issues in the Clogher diocese.  A number of other dioceses, including Raphoe, have set up similar groups. The Clogher group was fortunate to have the help of Roisin O’Hara who is the Trocaire representative based in Derry. The group was officially launched by Bishop Liam in Enniskillen, at the Waterways Ireland building, in September 2015.

The group has chosen as its main aim to raise awareness about Climate Change and the injustice of homelessness that should concern us all as Catholics and Christians. The issue of Climate Change and its connection to poverty has become even more urgent since Pope Francis published his prophetic encyclical Laudato Si – on Care for Our Common Home in 2015. The group has been busy promoting and discussing this encyclical. Talks about Laudato Si were held during Advent 2015 and Lent 2016. They were attended by a large number from both St Michael’s and Pobal parishes. These talks were much appreciated by all who attended. In 2016 the group held a symbolic tree planting ceremony in the grounds of St Macartan’s Cathedral, Monaghan to mark Clogher Earth Day. The planting was performed by Bishop Liam.

Sir Nellie McLaughlin and Sir Mary Kate Hagan addressed both Deanery conferences in Monaghan and Enniskillen in March 2017 and they were well received by the priests of the Diocese. It is hoped that priests will promote this work in their own parishes as part of the work of evangelisation.

The group is planning to hold a Diocesan Earth Day this year.

The group has been in contact with Conn MacGabhan, the newly appointed Co-ordinator of the Council for Justice and Peace of the Bishop’s Conference based in Maynooth.  

At present Sir Nellie McLaughlin is acting as Chairperson, Anne Molloy is Secretary and Fr Joe McVeigh is co-ordinator.

Current members are: Anne Marie Russell, Sir Mary Kate Hagan, Agnes O’Callaghan, Sir Lena Deevy, Patricia McKeever, Liam Murtagh, Paddy Gillgun.

New members are welcome.



Inspired by our belief in the dignity and wellbeing of all creation we seek to empower and enlighten people to explore the root causes of injustice, work for peace and promote the integrity of creation as integral to the practice of our faith.  We intend to do this through reflection, awareness raising and action.



We will communicate with the Diocese using a variety of means including Diocesan Website, Parish Bulletins, Public talks, campaign actions) with a view to encouraging people in every parish to engage with Clogher JPIC group and/or its activities

  1. We will organise and/or promote at least one mobilisation event or campaign action related to our focus issue(s)
  2. We will seek to involve youth (16+) by making contact with them through schools and youth organisations.  As part of this we will explore the possibilities for setting up a shadow youth JPIC.
  3. We will network and coordinate with the National JPIC and other relevant groups including statutory bodies where necessary
  4. We will seek to connect with other Churches and Faiths as a way of strengthening the Justice message throughout the Diocese.
  5. Internally we will continue to educate ourselves as a group by inviting a minimum of two speakers throughout the year who can speak to us about our chosen focus issue or themes related to JPIC
  6. We will invite an external facilitator to help us identify the different expertise in the group with a view to appreciating and nourishing the individual and collective wisdom of the group.
  7. We will network with likeminded groups to enable ongoing learning and transformation.
  8. We will continually promote health and wellbeing among ourselves as we move forward with our work.


Coordinator – Keeps group motivated, coherent, working well together etc

  • Facilitator – Facilitates meetings, ensures agenda/time adhered to etc
  • Internal Comms (Secretary) – Ensures all members of group have necessary info re meetings,     activities etc
  • External Comms- Communicates with external agencies (eg Diocesan office, Church, National JPIC office, Trócaire, Media etc)
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