Synodal Pathway Report of First Phase of Listening in Diocese of Clogher – May 2022

Synodal Pathway National Synthesis 2022  – August 2022

Like local Church communities across Ireland, and also across the world, the Diocese of Clogher is walking on the Synodal Pathway, prayerfully discerning the future of the Church locally and throughout Ireland. The synodal pathway for the Catholic Church in Ireland will lead to the holding of a National Synodal Assembly or Assemblies within the next five years. This is a journey, a walking together to focus on this question:

Here in Clogher, we have begun the journey. A Diocesan Director of the Synodal Pathway has been appointed and a Steering Group and Task Force is in place. This mirrors the structures at national level, helping us on our way ahead. Over the coming months you and your parish will be hearing about this synodal process. Moreover, you are welcome to be part of it, including those who may feel themselves to be alienated from the Church or in any way on the margins. Everyone’s voice is to be heard.

The initial consultation phase is underway and will continue for two years or more. This is merely the beginning of a bigger journey.

This May, as part of the Synod of Bishops, each diocese will submit a report to Rome reflecting the thoughts and hopes of its people for the Church.

The insights gained from all parishes in March 2020 through the Clogher Diocese in Dialogue process will form the core of our diocese’s submission to Pope Francis. Here is a copy of the Report of Phase 1: Clogher Diocese in Dialogue – Report of Phase 1 (2020)

You too can have your say. You are invited to contribute your thoughts by email: or by post to: Synod Secretary, Bishop’s House, Monaghan, H18 PN35.

Closing date for submissions is 10 April 2022.

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For information on the synodal pathway throughout the whole Church please visit Synod 2021 – 2023