Canon Marron presents Bishop Duffy with the first copy of his new book "A Book of Blessings and Prayers for Special Occasions"

A Book of Blessings and Prayers for Special Occasions is the title of new book by Canon Patrick Marron PE, a priest of the Diocese of Clogher and retired PP of Fintona, Co Tyrone. Canon Marron’s book contains a wealth of resources for clergy, parishes, religious communities, prayer groups and families for a wide range of occasions and situations in life.

The book follows closely the liturgical seasons and the various Days of Prayer throughout the year, many of which have been added to the calendar in recent years. Then, Canon Marron provides us with a selection of prayers for various needs and occasions – from the blessing of a sports field to the care of nature, from prayers for engaged couples to prayers for the celebration of a significant wedding anniversary. There are prayers too for victims of psychological, physical or sexual abuse, prayers for before and after surgery, prayers for life and prayers for the blessing of a home. A sample service for the blessing of graves is also included.

This well-presented publication, designed and printed by Ecclesville Printing Services in Fintona, Co Tyrone, draws from articles submitted and published by Canon Marron in issues of Intercom and New Liturgy 1985 together with excerpts from various liturgical resources of the universal and local church. Canon Marron says that this book fulfils a need for blessings for occasions that arise and that are not easily catered for, adding that ‘its contents will help all who use it to grow in praise of God.’

The Bishop of Clogher, Bishop Larry Duffy, has congratulated Canon Marron on the publication of this collection of blessings and prayers, noting that blessings are a great part of our tradition and rich liturgical heritage. Bishop Duffy adds that in bringing this resource together, ‘Fr Paddy has drawn on many years of pastoral experience and service in the field of education and in parishes and this evident throughout.’ Bishop Duffy says too that the work by Canon Marron will add to the resources available to priests and religious and to lay people across the diocese and further afield. He hopes that people will ‘find it uplifting and a reminder of God’s continuing presence and providence.’

A Book of Blessings and Prayers for Special Occasions is available from the Clogher Diocesan Office. The cost is €10 or £7 stg per copy plus €3 / £2 for postage and packaging. Cheques can be made payable to the ‘Roman Catholic Diocese and Parishes of Clogher’. To order please contact 00353 (0)47 81019 or email communications@clogherdiocese.ie