Tuesday 28 May 2019

For Immediate Release


2019 Ecumenical Service on the Day of Pentecost

to be held in Magheracloone, Co Monaghan.

On the afternoon of Sunday, 9th June 2019 at 3pm, the Feast of Pentecost, the annual ecumenical service that has customarily been led by both Bishops of Clogher will take place at St Molua’s Church of Ireland church, Magheracloone, Co Monaghan.

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Clogher, Most Reverend Lawrence Duffy (a native of Magheracloone) and the Church of Ireland Bishop of Clogher, Right Reverend John McDowell, will lead the special service, together with local clergy, including Right Reverend Joseph McGuinness PP, VG, Carrickmacross and Administrator of Magheracloone, and Reverend Colin McConaghie, Rector of Carrickmacross, Magheracloone and Ardragh. Bishop Duffy will give the address.

St Molua’s church is situated just off the Carrickmacross-Kingscourt road (R 179), just past the Magheracloone GAA grounds. Car parking will be available in the vicinity of the church. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

St Molua’s church, which dates from 1824, stands at the ancient site of Christian worship in the Parish of Magheracloone. The ecumenical service on Pentecost Sunday draws us to reflect on the origins of the Church on that first Pentecost and the Christian heritage that is shared among the various denominations today.

St Molua is the patron of the Parish of Magheracloone. Devotion to him locally probably developed from a cult that grew from his travels across Ireland, especially from the Monastery of Bangor. According to the annals he was born, possibly in what is now Co Limerick, in 554 and is said to have died in 609. He is also associated with other parishes in the diocese, including Kilmore and Drumsnatt and Muckno.

A warm invitation is extended to all to join in this service.



Notes for Editors:

  1. Pentecost Sunday marks the end of the fifty-day season of Easter and the descent of the Holy Spirit in the upper room and the beginning of apostolic preaching, thus marking a defining moment in the origin of the Christian Church. Christian associations with the feast begin with Acts of the Apostles 2:1-45.
  2. Bishop Larry Duffy is the Roman Catholic Bishop of Clogher. He was ordained bishop on 10 February 2019. He is a native of Magheracloone.
  3. Bishop John McDowell is the Church of Ireland Bishop of Clogher.
  4. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Clogher comprises of all of County Monaghan, most of Fermanagh and portions of Tyrone, Donegal, Louth and Cavan. The Church of Ireland or Anglican Diocese of Clogher is comprised of virtually the same territory with the exception of the Bundoran part of Donegal and also contains a small part of County Leitrim.
  5. For further information on both dioceses visit clogherdiocese.ie and http://clogher.anglican.org/
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