Opening of Holy Door of Mercy, St. Macartan’s Cathedral, Monaghan, Sunday 13 December 2015





My dear friends, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

I warmly welcome all of you who have come here today from various parts of our Diocese. This is a beautiful and grace-filled occasion.

Today we are joining with the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, and with Catholics all over the world – as fellow travellers on the Way of the Lord, the Lord of Mercy and compassion.

Today we are reaching out, humbly and earnestly, to receive from Him the strength to overcome our weaknesses and the assurance of His merciful forgiveness. Mercy and forgiveness are at the very heart of the story of salvation. God is always merciful to mankind. God is mercy. God’s mercy is for us. God’s mercy is for us to share.

We know it is the Lord’s wish, that as we direct our toes homeward this evening, we will each be determined to make our homes, our parishes, our communities and our associations into centres of mercy, mirroring His mercy to us

Today, we walk through the special Door of Mercy opened in our cathedral to mark our resolve. Hopefully those of us who can, will, later in the year, walk through the special Door of Mercy at the Basilica on Lough Derg which will be opened by the Papal Nuncio before the start of the pilgrimage season there.

The motto and logo for this Holy Year which the Lord has inspired, will remind us during this Year of Mercy that it is God’s love for us and our love for God which brings the mystery of the incarnation to its fulfilment in the redemption.

Lord, on this special day, as we pray in our Cathedral Church, we invite you to complete the work you have begun in us.

 During this special year of grace teach us to trust you
Smile on us with a mother’s love when we need to forgive ourselves
Remind us of your forgiveness to us when we need to forgive others                                  Inspire and console us as we reflect on the compassion you lavished on so many
Teach us to imitate your courage and generous love
Help us to be missionaries of mercy, in our homes, parishes, and in our diocese



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