Optional Extras to the Programme

In addition to the course content outlined in our 2013 – 2015 Brochure the New Heart New Spirit programme also gives participants other opportunities.

  • They may have the option, if they wish, to undertake ‘Guided Prayer’ under the direction of a trained prayer guide.
  • They may also choose to participate in facilitated days of reflection before Christmas and Easter of each year.
  • Another popular experience to be enjoyed by course participants’ and their guests is the chance to visit places at home and abroad associated with the life of Christ.  For many these trips have proven to be ‘A Trip of a lifetime.’
  • Another valuable optional extra available (free of charge) to participants at the end of the course is the ‘Training in Facilitation Skills Programme’.  This is presented by New Heart New Spirit team and is a very useful tool for life.
  • There is also a substantial library facility available to participants during the two years.
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