Bishop MacDaid: Fifth Sunday of Lent 25 March 2012

Fifth Sunday of Lent

25 March 2012


My dear friends,

Today’s Gospel does not make for light reading.  It offers a very powerful interpretation of the meaning of the death of Jesus.  John uses the image of a seed, not a seed which remains a single grain but one which, in dying, bears much fruit and gives life to a whole community of believers gathered in the name of Jesus.

John then contrasts those who love their life so much that they find it difficult to give it in service to others and in this giving to enter fully into the Way of Christ.  By way of contrast, those who are described as hating their life in the world are those who follow the example which Jesus has shown us and are open to eternal life.  They will be honoured by the Father for their love and service.

God offers salvation to all people without limit through Jesus, to Greeks as well as to the Jewish people.  Jesus will not avoid what awaits him but will accept it in his love for the Father.  How we respond to what comes our way is our choice and will constitute our judgement.

+Liam S. MacDaid

25 March 2012

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