Vocations Face book and Twitter Accounts

The Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors now have a Facebook Page, and a Twitter Feed to compliment their Website.  Both Innovations are launched the evening before the latest intake of Seminarians begin their studies for Priesthood in the National Seminary, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth (and other seminaries). There are now over 90 men studying for the priesthood in Irish Dioceses.

The addition of these social networking sites means that the focus for the Vocation Directors of Ireland is on building relationships, and becoming more well known, and as a point of contact for those seeking more information about Vocations to the diocesan priesthood inIreland.

Fr. Paddy Rushe, the National Coordinator for Diocesan Vocation Directors believes that these innovations will add an extra dimension to the Vocations promotion experience.  He said “Social networking is all about starting and participating in conversations; building one’s online presence and reputation”.  The more that you take part in online networking and building your ‘brand’, so to speak,  the more opportunities that arise from being more well-known, added Fr. Paddy.

Social networking services are on the rise globally. Ofcom’s (UK Regulatory Body) recent International Communications Market 07 report found evidence that more adults use social networking sites in theUKthan in any other of the European countries included in the survey; Suggesting that UK Internet users clock up an average of 23 visits and 5.3 hours on social networking sites each month. Ofcom reported that 39% of all UK Internet users use social networking services, while the ComScore figures show 24.9 million individual social networking service visitors in August 2007.

The Facebook Page is; Diocesan Vocations Ireland

The Twitter Feed is; @NVocations

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