Sacrament of the Sick Mass Lourdes

Diocese of Clogher

Sacrament of the Sick Mass


Saturday, 9 July 10.00am.


My dear friends,

This morning we are not focusing our attention primarily on reflecting on the Word of God.  But can I offer a suggestion to the young volunteers who are present with us, and not leaving out the over 70’s but still young at heart brigade?  At Thursday night’s Torchlight Procession and especially at yesterday’s Eucharistic Procession (where we had the privilege of our diocese given a leading role) – these events reminded us of the richness of the Universal Church.  Not only that, but your experience here in Lourdes shows us the diversity and richness of the Catholic community which we call Church.  There is room for all – the young, the old; the lame, the strong; the sinner, the saint; the washed and the unwashed; the conventional and the rebellious; the sick and the healthy; the indian and the chief.  I know that for many of you this pilgrimage has been a period of grace and a time of discovery.  What I ask of you is – speak to your friends of what you have learned.  Tell them what they are missing.  Lead them to the life-giving stream which will satisfy their thirst in a way that they may not have yet discovered.  You may be the bridge that they need; and assure them that our community of Church will be welcoming towards them and will be the richer for their presence.

+Liam S. MacDaid

9 July 2011

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