CLERICAL CHANGES                     
Bishop Joseph Duffy has announced the following appointments for the Diocese of Clogher which will take effect from 1 September 2007:

Monsignor Sean Cahill, PP, Enniskillen to retire as PP and to continue as Administrator of St Michael’s Diocesan and Education Trusts (NI).
Rev Joseph McGuinness,  St Michael’s College,  to be PP, Enniskillen.
Canon Macartan McQuaid, PP, Clones  to be chaplain to St Michael’s College and Mount Lourdes, Enniskillen, and  Diocesan Adviser for Adult Faith Development.
Very Rev Larry Duffy, PP, Cúl Máine (Ederney)  to be PP, Clones.
Rev Brendan Gallagher, CC, Enniskillen to be PP, Cúl Máine (Ederney).
Canon Peter McGuinness, PE, Inniskeen to retire from ministry.
Rev Martin Treanor, CC, Tydavnet to be PP, Inniskeen and Killanny.
Canon Sean Clerkin, PP, Donagh to be PE, Tydavnet.
Rev Hubert Martin, CC, Monaghan to be PP, Donagh.
Very Rev Edmond Maguire, PP, Donaghmoyne to be PE, Donaghmoyne.
Rev Michael Daly, CC, Donaghmoyne to be PP, Donaghmoyne.
Rev Peter O’Reilly, CC, Roslea to be PP, Roslea.  
Rev Padraig McKenna, CC, Monaghan to be CC, Machaire Rois.
Rev James McPhillips, CC, Machaire Rois to be CC, Killanny.
Rev John F. McKenna to be chaplain to St Macartan’s Home, Clogher
Rev John Chester, St Macartan’s College to be CC and co-ordinator of parish ministries, Monaghan.
Rev Noel McConnell to be Diocesan Adviser to second-level schools (RI) and CC pro tem, Inniskeen and Killanny. 

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